7 Knit Summer Hats


In this post, you will see a round-up of 7 knit summer hats.

Hats are the ultimate summer accessory. 

No matter where you are going a hat can be a cool addition that will tie your outfit. 

Plus they are very practical especially for the beach as it is essential to keep a layer between us and the sun. 

7 knit summer hats

Don’t Forget Your Summer Hat

Long sun exposure has very negative side effects and we must protect ourselves. 

Don’t forget to use a high protection sun cream (and keep reapplying through the day), hats, sunglasses, keep in the shade, and of course wear a layer of clothing.

And if you are a crafter and love to make your own garments why not knit your own hats? 

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knit summer hat in cotton

Knit Your Own Summer Hat

Knitting summer hats are super easy and fast and will be a great project for any knitter (beginner or intermediate).

To make a simple hat all you need to know are basic knitting stitches.

Plus it can make a great summer gift for all of your loved ones.

Knitting and crochet are very in fashion right now, you can see knit items from high fashion runways to Instagram, to your local stores. 

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knit summer hat

Types Of Hats

There is a whole world of summer hats you can make, and there are a lot of free knitting patterns online you can follow.

If you are looking for inspiration Pinterest and Ravelry are going to be your best friends 

You can make a bucket hat, a beach hat, a wide-brim sun hat, a floppy hat, a Panama with a big brim, and even a baseball hat. 

Sun hats are particularly fun and really quick to knit and excellent for the warm weather.

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knit summer hats

Knit Summer Hats

So if you are ready to make your own sun hat, grab your knitting needles and check out these summer hat knitting patterns to find your next project.

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