31+ Free Knitted Bag Patterns (Easy Bags For All)


In this blog post, you will see 31+ Free knitted bag patterns that are easy bags for all skill levels.

You will see knit bags in different styles and designs that will appeal to all kinds of makers. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

From tote bags to backpacks, handbags to market bags, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to create your own unique and functional bags. 

So grab your needles and yarn, and let’s get knitting!

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31+ Free Knitted Bag Patterns (Easy Bags For All)

31+ Free Knitted Bag Patterns

If you are ready to make your own bag check out the free patterns below and you might find your next project.

Happy Knitting!

How Many Styles Of Knitted Bags Are There? 

There are several styles of knitted bags to suit different needs and preferences. 

Tote bags are spacious and sturdy, ideal for carrying groceries or everyday essentials, while backpacks offer a cozy alternative for lightweight items. 

Clutch bags provide a stylish option for nights out, and drawstring bags offer a convenient closure to keep belongings secure. 

Purses for carrying money, cards, and other essentials.

Knot bags feature a unique design with a single loop handle for easy carrying, and beach bags are oversized and durable, perfect for carrying towels and sunscreen. 

Each style offers its own charm and functionality, and with various designs and construction techniques available, knitters can create a wide range of unique and personalized bags to suit any occasion.

Easy Japanese knot bag knitting pattern

Knit Your Own Bag

There are so many free knitted bag patterns out there, but here are some frequently asked questions about knitting bags.

Can you knit a bag with straight needles?

Yes, you can knit a bag with straight needles, although the construction and shaping may differ from projects knit in the round with circular needles or double-pointed needles. 

When knitting a bag with straight needles, you typically work the front and back panels separately, then seam them together along the sides and bottom. 

Depending on the desired design, you may also knit additional panels for the sides, base, and handles. 

To create a seamless finish, you can use techniques such as mattress stitch or whip stitch to join the pieces together neatly. 

While knitting a bag with straight needles may require more seaming than circular knitting methods, it offers versatility in design and allows you to incorporate different stitch patterns and textures easily.

What is the best yarn for a knitted bag? 

The best yarn for a knitted bag depends on the intended use and desired characteristics of the finished project.

For sturdy and durable bags, consider using a heavy worsted or bulky weight yarn made from durable fibers such as cotton, linen, or nylon. 

These yarns provide excellent strength and structure, ensuring that the bag can hold its shape and withstand the weight of items carried inside. 

For softer and more lightweight bags, opt for lighter weight yarns such as sport or DK weight, made from fibers like cotton, bamboo, or acrylic. 

These yarns offer a balance of strength and softness, making them suitable for everyday use while still providing comfort and flexibility. 

What supplies do you need to knit a bag? 

To knit a bag, you’ll need a few essential supplies in your kit. 

Along with the basic supplies, you need yarn and knitting needles. 

You may also need stitch markers, a tapestry needle for seaming, and scissors. 

Plus, you may also need a faux leather strap to add; notions such as buttons, zippers, or clasps may be required for closures. 

You might also choose to line your bag; you will need fabric and sewing supplies. 

If you want to maintain a specific shape for your knitted bag, you can insert wire or boning into the seams or channels to provide structure.

Optional accessories like beads, tassels, or embroidery can add a personal touch to your finished bag. 

With these supplies at hand, you’ll be ready to knit your own stylish and functional bag.

Knitting Lessons

If you are a new knitter and need help with the knitting basics, check out these posts here and be your own knitting instructor – Knitting Lessons (With Video Tutorials).

There, you will find step-by-step tutorials for all the different knitting techniques a newbie needs to know.

This includes how to cast on, how to bind off, how to knit the basic knit stitches, how to knit the knit stitch, how to knit the purl stitch, the stockinette stitch, the seed stitch, the rib stitch, the mattress stitch, the slip stitch, and short rows.

This section covers how to yarn over (yo), measure gauge, fix knitting mistakes, make knitting increases and decreases, a list of knitting abbreviations (UK + US terms), and great tips to help you throughout your knitting experience.

Check out this pattern category for more recommendations for an easy-level knitting pattern, there, you will find a range of knitting patterns- Beginner Knitters

And if you need more video tutorials to help you practice your basic knitting skills, check out my YouTube channel here Handy Little Me – YouTube.

For extra help, stop over to the Handylittleme Facebook Group.

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