21 Free Knitted Bunny Patterns For Easter Gifts


This blog post will show 21 free knitted bunny patterns for Easter gifts.

The free patterns include bunny soft toys, a bunny ear headband, baby slippers, a bunny egg cozy, and many more. 

Grab your craft supplies and check out the patterns below.

baby hugging a knitted bunny toy

Knitted Bunny Patterns

If you are ready to make your own bunny, check out the free patterns below to find your next project.

Little girl hugging her bunny toy

Make A Bunny Soft Toy

This roundup features bunny toys that can be made in any DK yarn/medium weight you want to experiment with – obviously if you use a thicker (worsted weight yarn) or lighter weight, you will also have to adjust your needle size.

Changing yarns and needle sizes will also change the size of the bunny.

You will see many different bunny rabbit patterns in this post – with varying shapes and sizes.

You can make an Easter bunny, a bunny with floppy ears, and an adorable bunny wearing overalls.

These little guys will make your creative ideas flow and give you some inspiration for your next project.

For more unique gift ideas, check out the Easter category on my website here – Easter 

21 Free Knitted Bunny Patterns For Easter Gifts

What Do You Need To Make A Bunny 

To knit a bunny, you’ll need several supplies to get started.

Here’s a list of essential items:

  • Yarn: Choose a soft and cuddly yarn in the color you want for your bunny. Common bunny colors include white, gray, or light brown.
  • Knitting Needles: Select knitting needles appropriate for your chosen yarn. The size of the needles will depend on the yarn weight and your personal tension.
  • Pattern: Find a knitting pattern for a bunny. Patterns can vary in complexity, so choose one that matches your skill level and preferences.
  • Stuffing: You’ll need stuffing material, such as polyester fiberfill, to fill the bunny and give it a plush and three-dimensional shape.
  • Yarn Needle: A large-eyed yarn needle is essential for seaming the pieces together and weaving in ends.
  • Stitch Markers: Use stitch markers to keep track of important points in the pattern, especially if you’re working in the round.
  • Scissors: A pair of scissors is necessary for cutting yarn and trimming excess.
  • Optional Embellishments: You may want additional items like ribbons, bows, or other embellishments to customize your bunny.
  • Safety Eyes and Nose: If you want to add realistic features to your bunny, consider using safety eyes and a safety nose. Alternatively, you can embroider the facial features using yarn.

What Knitting Techniques Do You Need To Know To Knit A Bunny 

To knit a bunny, you’ll need to master several key knitting techniques. 

Begin with casting on, using methods like the long-tail cast-on to initiate your project. 

The fundamental knit stitch forms the basis of the bunny’s fabric, while the purl stitch may be introduced for texture or shaping. 

Also, knowledge of simple increases and decreases is essential for shaping your bunny’s body and head.

Knitting Lessons

If you are a new knitter and need help with the knitting basics, check out the knitting lessons here – Knitting Lessons (With Video Tutorials).

There, you will find step-by-step tutorials for all the different knitting techniques a newbie needs to know.

Including how to cast on, knit the knit stitch, the stockinette stitch, the rib stitch, the garter stitch, the mattress stitch, short rows, a list of knitting abbreviations, and more. 

And if you need more video tutorials, check out my YouTube channel here – Handy Little Me – YouTube. 

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