30 Knitting Stitches For All Skill Levels


In this post, you will see 30 knitting stitches for all skill levels.

There is something for everyone to try out, with video tutorials for many of the stitch patterns.

On your quest to become a pro knitter, you might have asked yourself…

30 knitting stitches for all skill levels

How Many Knitting Stitches Are There?

The answer is a lot… 

In this post, we will explore 30 knitting stitches that are commonly used, provide beautiful textures and create beautiful knitwear.

While exploring the knitting world, reading patterns, posts, books, and watching videos. 

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beginner knitting stitches

What Are The Basic Stitches?

You will soon realize that every knitted piece is just a compilation of knitting stitches and if you want to make that beautiful hat, that easy scarf, that fancy shawl, or that cozy blanket, you will first need to learn the stitches that the pattern is made of. 

And of course, if you are learning how to knit, once you master the basic knit stitch you will want to try out more stitches to explore different knitwear textures. 

woman knitting a textured rib stitch

Practice makes perfect

Although when starting out some stitches can look a little bit scary the only thing that will get you there is practice. 

Read the stitch tutorial, watch YouTube videos, practice, and it’s always better to make something small in this stitch even like a swatch sample or dishcloth until you get used to the stitch. 

This is so you don’t mess up your pattern at first and stress yourself, and even if you mess up and need to pull out a few rows or start over, it’s no big deal. Knitting is supposed to be fun, and the only way to succeed is practicing. 

Check this post out for more knitting tips – Knitting Tips For Beginners.

Basic knitting stitches here include – The Garter Stitch (view – how to knit garter stitch), The Purl Stitch ( view – how to knit the purl stitch (for beginners + a video tutorial)), and Seed Stitch (view – how to knit seed stitch for beginners).

easy knitting stitches

Advanced Beginner Knitting Stitches

If you are what we call an advanced knitter and you have a big number of stitches in your history, the list below also includes new stitch patterns for you. 

Although you shouldn’t feel like you have to move on from the basic knitting stitches, it’s good to try out new knitting stitches even for a few rows just to challenge yourself and explore everything the knitting world has to offer. 

More intricate knitting stitches could be also a great addition to your simple patterns you could add a little detail to the cuff or hem of your garment.

Stitch patterns here include – The Herringbone Lace Rib Stitch, The Tile Stitch, and The Trinity Stitch.

woman with knitting needles casting on knitting stitches

Intermediate Knitting Stitches

Once you feel comfortable with the basic and advanced beginner patterns you can always move on to the intermediate knitting stitches. 

They can be challenging to master but remember the key to success in knitting is to practice, small knit projects and swatches will save your life! 

Stitch patterns here include – The Fancy Diamond Stitch, The Basket Loop Stitch, and The Caterpillar Stitch.

simple ribbed knitting stitches

30 Stitch Patterns For All Skill Levels

There are beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate stitch patterns for you to try out!

Grab your yarn and needles and let’s try these knitting stitch patterns out…. 

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