31 Free Summer Crochet Patterns To Make in 2023


In this post, you will see 31 Free Summer Crochet Patterns To Make in 2023.

Summer is here and the heat is increasing day by day so you might think there is no way you could wear something made from yarn but that’s completely inaccurate.

Don’t let the summer heat get you down and crochet the summer garment of your dreams. 

free summer crochet patterns

Summer Crochet

Crochet summer garments are very in fashion, runways, magazines, and Pinterest are filled with summer crochet outfits. 

All the high fashion brands have presented crocheted items from bags, cardigans, tops, and dresses. 

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In cool earthly tones that you can wear with all of your basic pieces and in bright colors you can wear them as a statement piece. 

So if you love to crochet there are many options on what you can make that will satisfy your creativity but will be light enough to wear in the summer months without getting a heat stroke. 

crochet beach cover up pattern feat image

Crochet Summer Wardrobe

There are many summer projects you can crochet. 

From beautiful dresses with intricate designs to beach cover ups you can easily make with cotton yarn. 

A beach cover-up to go over your swimsuit is not only a fashion essential but can also protect you from the sun. 

Moreover, crochet summer tops are ideal for the warmer weather of the season but will also prevent you from getting chilly on cool summer nights.

From a lacy summer top, to crop tops to granny squares I am sure you will find a top pattern for your summer holidays.

Granny square top cotton

Your Summer Accessories 

If you don’t enjoy making garments you could always opt for fun crochet accessories like shawls, bags, and hats!

The summer season demands accessories and what better than a bag?

You can easily make market bags, beach bags, and clutches with basic crochet stitches. 

Whether you need a crochet bag that will fit all of your beach essentials or a nice going-out bag for just your phone and wallet, there are many crochet patterns from amazing designers you can make! 

Hats are a must every summer, and you can easily crochet one, from a cute sun hat that will be a perfect fit for your beach outfit to stylish bucket hats you can wear all day long! (Yes bucket hats are staying!) 

Last but not least shawls are a great summer accessory, whether you need one for the cool summer breeze or for the beach, there are many free summer crochet patterns online you can follow and make the summer shawl of your dreams.

beach bag crochet_

The Perfect Yarn To Choose For Your Summer Makes

The warmth of your garment really depends on the yarn you’ll choose to use. There are so many fine yarns like lace, superfine/fingering, fine/sport weight yarn, and light that are perfect for the warmer months. 

Moreover, it’s better to choose natural fibers like cotton/cotton blends, bamboo/bamboo blends, and linen yarn /linen blends as they make more breathable and lighter fabrics. 

Raffia is a great choice for any summer sun hat and bag you want to make.

Now You Need The Right Pattern

There is a variety of crochet stitches you can make your summer projects in. 

You can choose a great pattern made with a basic stitch pattern like single crochet, double crochet, or treble crochet. 

That’s ideal for any new makers that want to experiment with gorgeous crochet projects.

In order to crochet something breathable and light for the summer, it’s better to choose a pattern with a lacey design and open stitches so you can wear your garment comfortably.

31 Free Summer Crochet Patterns To Make in 2023

If you are looking for a crochet summer project take a look at the patterns below and you might find your next project. 

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  1. I love your site, detailed instructions and yarn suggestions. Very detailed! Thank you for listing both knitting and crochet patterns! So helpful!
    I am going to be a lift time member.
    Angel Hugs

    1. Hello Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so happy you like the patterns 🙂
      Happy crafting!