Get Your Hooks Out For Summer Crochet!


Get your hooks out for summer crochet!

Summer is here and the heat is increasing day by day so people probably think there is no way you could wear something made from yarn but that’s completely inaccurate.

Don’t let the summer heat get you down and crochet the summer garment of your dreams. 

Crochet beach cover up and bag

Summer Crochet Patterns  

Crochet summer garments are very in fashion, magazines, and Pinterest are filled with summer crochet outfits. 

Crochet items can give your summer outfits look more fashionable.

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So if you love to crochet there are many options on what you can make that will keep your creativity satisfied but will be light enough to wear in the summer without getting a heat stroke. 

triangle shawl crochet

Crochet summer dresses and beach cover ups

From big crochet summer bags for the beach and clutches for your outings to garments, you can wear all summer long.

Beachwear like crochet cover-ups to wear over your bathing suit, bathing suits(one-piece or bikinis).

summer crochet swim cover up

Crochet summer tops and shawls

Garments that you can wear all day like dresses, shorts, skirts, tops(halter tops, crop tops, loose tops). 

Light crochet cardigans and kimonos you can wear over your outfits if the weather is a little chilly, and light crochet shawls you can pair with all of your clothes. 

If you don’t enjoy making garments you could always crochet a light shawl for the chillier summer days. 

summer crochet shawl pattern

The perfect yarn to choose for your summer makes

The warmth of your garment really depends on the yarn you’ll choose to use, there are so many fine yarns like lace, superfine, fine, and light that are perfect for the warmer months. 

Moreover, it’s better to choose cotton/cotton blends, bamboo/bamboo blends, and linen/linen blends as they make more breathable and lighter fabrics. 

Now you need the right pattern

In order to crochet something breathable and light for the summer, it’s better to choose a pattern with a lacey design and loose stitch so you can wear your garment comfortably. 

Get Your Hooks Out For Summer Crochet!

If you are looking for a crochet summer project take a look at the patterns below and you might find your next project. 

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