15 Leaf Knitting Patterns (Free + Easy)


In this blog post, we will discuss everything about knitting leaves and see a round-up of 15 leaf knitting patterns you can make in your free time. 

Leaf knitting patterns

Knitted Leaves For Autumn 

Fallen leaves are the ultimate autumn aesthetic. 

Walking outside, you can see brownish and yellow leaves surrounding the trees. 

So why not add them to your style and decor?

Fall is the perfect time to let your creativity loose if you are a knitter. 

By making cute leaves, you can use them for decor or knitting items with leaf motifs. 

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Knitted leaf in brown yarn

Leaves Fall Decor

Knitted leaves can be amazing for your fall decor. 

You can spread them around your furniture. 

Place them strategically on your bookcase, tables, and desk.

They are small enough to be subtle, but they will add to your decor. 

Moreover, if the size permits, you can use them as coasters. 

Plus, they can be perfect table set placeholders for your Thanksgiving table.

You can also surround your knitted pumpkins or even make a cute garland to hang. 

knitted leaf

Knits With A Leaf Design

 If you love the fallen leaf aesthetic but don’t want to knit individual leaves, you can make beautiful knitted items with a leaf design on the fabric. 

Like decor items, coasters, dishcloths, blankets, pillows, and more. 

But also garments and accessories like sweaters, scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves, socks, etc. 

You can find many leaf lace motifs.

Check out a knitted top pattern with a leaf design here – The Euterpe Tank Top Knitting Pattern (Diamond Leaf)

Diamond leaf vest top knitting pattern

Knit A Leaf

Making knitted leaves can be a fun project for a maker. 

It can be awesome for a new knitter, as it is a small and fast project. 

Also, it can be a great stash buster; you can use up all of your leftover yarns and make cute leaves. 

And you can use any yarn weight you like or have.

Learn more about yarn weights here…

knitted leaves

More Fall Decor 

You can make knitted pumpkins with cute leaves to complete your fall home decor. 

Check out knitted pumpkin patterns here. 


Knitting Lessons

Check out the knitting lessons to find more knitting tutorials – Knitting Lessons (With Video Tutorials) 

For example, knitting abbreviations and terms (US and UK), how to cast-on stitches, how to knit the basic stitches, how to knit garter stitch, how to knit the stockinette stitch (view – how to knit stockinette stitch (for beginners)), how to knit purl stitches (view – how to knit the purl stitch (for beginners + a video tutorial), how to knit ribbing (view – how to knit rib stitch patterns (1×1 and 2×2 ribbing)), how to make knitting increases and decreases, how to knit with circular needles (view – how to join knitting in the round with circular knitting needles), how to fix knitting mistakes, and many more stitch patterns.

Most of the blog posts include a video tutorial to help you along.

Perfect for a beginner knitter who wants to learn a new technique or experienced knitters who need a refresher. 

Check out more video tutorials on my YouTube Channel here. 

Happy Knitting!

15 Leaf Knitting Patterns

To make cute knitted leaves, check out the patterns below and find your next knitting project. 

More Patterns You May Be Interested In…

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