Fall Knitting Patterns {Cozy + Free!}


Fall is the perfect time of the year to take a look at fall knitting patterns and plan your next makes.

When fall comes around, it’s time to get out your knitting needles to make something warm and cozy to wear!

There are lots of projects you can look at including sweaters, shawls, beanies, berets, and blankets.

chunky cardigan and fall leaves on the ground fall knitting patterns

Get Your Needles Out For Fall Knitting Projects

When fall arrives the bulky and super bulky yarns come out and new blanket patterns, sweater patterns, shawl patterns, and hat patterns are soon on the needles.

Getting all cozy in the chilled air is easy when you have a hand-knit scarf or hat to keep you warm.

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Wearing handmade knitwear is not only trendy but fun for you to make and show off!

Fall knitting with coffee

Blanket Patterns

Do you need something to wrap around your shoulders as you sit around the fire pit this fall?

Fall demands cozy knits that make you feel warm all over.

Huge cozy hand-knit blankets are a fall staple, throw one around your shoulders while you enjoy a coffee, relax outside, or just want to feel cozy.

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chunky cable knit blanket on large circular needles

Shawl Patterns

Here in the UK, the fall weather tends to be a little bit moody, and in the morning it’s usually cold so you definitely need something to keep you warm.

But as the hours pass it can go through a range of temperatures, from humid to rainy to freezing cold.

If that sounds like where you live, then you need to layer.

And there is nothing that makes layering easier than shawls.

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Outlander Claire Carolina shawl

Fall Oversized Knits

You may also like to take a look at these fall oversized knits. – 8+ Stylish Ideas For Your Fall Oversized Knits

For sweater patterns, there are many choices here – 25 Fall Sweaters To Knit (Simple + Cute).

chunky knit sweater

Fall Knitting Patterns

In this pattern, roundup take a look at the top fall knitting patterns that you can make this season.

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup of fall knits and have found a new project to make!

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