What Are The Easiest Things To Knit?


In this post, you will see a list of the easiest things to knit.

Most of us start knitting for the same reason – we want to be able to create beautiful knitted garments or accessories (either for ourselves or for someone else).

Handmade gifts can go a long way.

Beginner Knitter with yarn choosing the easiest things to knit

Starting Out As A Beginner…

Everyone was a beginner once, starting a new craft is very exciting but can also be a little overwhelming.

And the way that most crafters will tell you how they started knitting is by completing quick and straightforward knitting patterns that allow you to educate yourself with the basic stitches.

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Easy knitting projects can include hats, scarves, cowls, and knit dishcloths. 

the easiest things to knit

Learning The Knitting Basics

Learning how to knit involves a steady process of gradually building your skills from beginner-level through to more advanced-level patterns and stitches.

Once you’ve mastered the knitting basics, you can move on to more technical knitting methods such as cable stitches.

Until then, let’s explore the various knitting stitches and items available for you to complete as a beginner.

Before you select a knitting pattern to complete from start to finish, make sure you’ve mastered how to cast on, and how to cast off.

The easiest things to knit with yarn and knitting needles

Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Great knitting doesn’t always need to be complicated.

You can create beautiful items from simple, beginner-level knitting patterns.

As a general rule, opt for patterns that have one type of stitch consistently throughout, as this will allow you to learn to knit by practicing one technique and get used to the ‘rhythm’ of knitting.

Basic stitches that include knit and purl, or variations of knit and purl, are garter stitchstockinette stitch, and rib stitch.

lots of yarn in arms - the easiest things to knit

Choosing The Right Yarn

You can also look out for patterns that use super bulky yarn.

A thicker yarn will give you more purchase on the string, and make it easier for you to control.

You’ll also be able to spot more easily where you could have dropped a stitch, making it easier to fix your work if you go wrong (and don’t worry if you make a mistake – every knitter does!).

Lace yarn looks amazing but it’s not really beginner-friendly. 

super bulky yarn

Choose The Right Needles

Larger needles will also make learning to knit easier, as they offer you more control.

Smaller needles can prove too intricate when you’re just starting.

I recommend trying to use anything upwards of a 5 mm (US 8) needle when you’re learning to knit.

Plus it’s always better to prefer knitting patterns knit with straight needles rather than circular needles.

woman with knitting needles casting on knitting stitches

Baby Knits For Beginners

The easiest things to knit are usually not large projects.

You can start with small items which don’t take long to complete, such as baby knitted items.

Baby knitting patterns give you a range of little projects to complete including baby blankets and jumpers, plus they are often crafted from chunkier yarn making them quick to finish.

knitted baby blanket

A simple baby blanket can allow you to practice those basic knitting stitches

This beautiful baby blanket makes ideal knitting for beginners; completing each smaller square first before sewing the whole design together.

Plus a knit blanket makes for a great baby shower gift for a friend or a family member.

cotton baby blanket

An easy garter stitch baby sweater

This easy baby sweater knitting pattern for beginners is perfect for you to practice the garter stitch.  

You can roll up the little sleeves for a cooler look.

It’s the perfect gift for a baby shower.

Made in a medium-weight yarn, this is perfect for beginner-level knitters.

knit baby sweater pattern

Easy knit baby slippers

This round-up of baby knits includes many beginner-friendly knitting patterns.

These pom pom baby slippers are created using stockinette stitch, these make perfect knitting for beginners and are quick to finish.

Pom pom baby slippers pattern

Knitted baby booties

Fast and easy to make (and adorable), these knitted baby booties are an excellent knitting pattern for beginners.

These nautical pirate-inspired baby booties are colorful and easy to make for the little people in your life.

How to knit baby booties for beginners

Kids Knits For Beginners

But if you need an easy free knitting pattern for kids to practice your knitting then these patterns are for you. 

Kids Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

This cowl pattern is perfect for a beginner knitter as it’s knit on straight needles and seamed. 

kids cowl

Kids Beanie Hat Pattern

And if you need a hat to go along with the cowl.

Kids Beanie Hat Pattern

kids knit beanie

Knitting Patterns For Beginners

If you love knitting and want more patterns to practice check these patterns out in this list below.

You can also see tutorials on my YouTube channel here. 

17 Knitting Patterns For Beginners

Choose a beginner friendly knitting pattern from this list for one of your first projects.

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