How To Knit For Beginners

learn how to knitHow to knit for beginners – A step by step guide.

Are you looking for a new way to be creative? Then you should definitely learn how to knit!

Not only is it a relaxing way to de-stress, but you can create wonderful things.

This post will show you how to do the following through images and video tutorials below;

  • Make a slipknot
  • Cast on
  • Knit garter stitch
  • Cast off

how to knit for beginnersWhat garter stitch looks like (above)

The Knitting Basics

The wonderful world of knitting is so huge that I am constantly learning new stitches and it never gets boring.

For beginners, there are always a few mishaps, for example: starting off with 10 stitches at cast on then ending with 15 (or more!), dropping stitches and getting confused!

This is all part of the learning process if we didn’t make mistakes…then how would we learn?

You should start with garter stitch and then work on from there to learn more knitting stitches.

Learn how to knit

How To Knit

Ok, so where to begin? ……. First of all, you need knitting needles and yarn.

I would recommend using large needles, to begin with, for example; 8mm (US 11) or 10mm (US 15) knitting needles and a chunky knit yarn (like Lion Brand Hometown or something similar).

You can choose any needles you wish to practice, but try to avoid using the smaller sizes as larger needles will make it easier for you.

Garter stitch for beginners

How To Make A Slip Knot

The Slip Knot – This is the basic knot used in knitting and crochet to cast on the first stitch.

  • Leaving a tail make a loop with your yarn.
  • Holding the area where the yarn crosses with one hand,  use the other hand to push a new loop through the existing loop.
  • Then pull the loop and two hanging strands snug, until your slipknot is formed and slip it onto the needle.
  • A slip knot makes the first stitch on your knitting needle.

slip knot

How To Cast On

Cast On – There are several different ways to cast on but the way that I do it is like this >

How To Knit Garter Stitch

The Knit Stitch – To learn the basics of knitting most people start with the knit stitch, which is also known as garter stitch.

I use the English method (there is also the continental method).

Garter Stitch

Here is another video tutorial that will show you how to start your knitting >

How To Cast Off

Cast Off – When you have finished your knitting you will need to cast off (or in some patterns ‘bind off’) your work.

See how to do this here >

The Knitting Basics

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